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nation. whether it is before the shootings or this, americans step up and help the fellow americans. melissa: thank you so much. that is all the "money" we have for you today. "the willis report" is next. gerri: hello, everybody, i am gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report." a major meat recall, we have the brand names affected. cause for home-improvement skyrocketing, so how do you know you're getting a fair price? we will show you how to do that. really good news amid the uncertain times. mortgages are becoming easier to get. all coming up tonight on "the willis report." gerri: all that and more coming up, but we begin with breaking news, hundreds of american
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airlines flight canceled this afternoon after computer problems paralyze the company's reservation system. there was chaos at airports as passengers were stuck on planes and others not able to make reservations. for the latest, let's go to peter barnes. peter: thousands of passengers stuck after americans said it was having glitches in the computer reservation system. take a look at this video we just got from miami international airport, and as you can see there simply aren't enough gates to handle all the planes because of the backups caused by these problems today. about 90 minutes ago americans had the systems have been restored after the computer outage but that continued delays and cancellations are expected. at the airline's request the faa grounded all american flags at least through 5:00 p.m. eastern as the company tried to work through the problems. estimated about 900 flights
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would be delayed if american resume flying by 5:00 p.m., causing another 800 delays tonight because planes and crews would not be where they are needed. customers complained to social media and they described long lines and frustration at the lack of information from airline employees. one passenger in dallas. saying tensions are high, a lot of people getting mad. several yelling at american agents. gerri: not too surprising. we really appreciate you getting on this for us. thank you. onto tonight top story, a shocking admission from the head of the fda, age and chief margaret hamburg said she is almost powerless to protect us from dangerous drugs like the one from a massachusetts company blamed for the deaths of 53 people. that word coming in after a week
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full of such reports describing deplorable conditions and oversight at pharmacies around the country. the fda can't guarantee one of their most basic functions, the safety of pharmaceutical drugs. tim murphy is the chairman of the house oversight and investigations subcommittee joining me now. welcome to the show. before we get to you, these are folks who specially blends drugs for people maybe they can't take a pill form to have to take a liquid form but this business has gotten completely out of control, 33 of all production in this country. where is the fda on this? >> the fda could have been there but they made the decision in 2011 and 2012 to stop inspecting new england compounding pharmacy, the ones who developed the injectables with the fungus inside them. the fda could have gone in, and we asked repeatedly why did they
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stop inspecting. who made that decision. did anybody review this after it was all said and done. we couldn't get a straight answer. what is also interesting is while she was saying her hands were tied, she announced in a flurry of publicity last week they expected 31 different places and went in and check them out. they had complaints from physicians and pharmacists a, ad she didn't act on it. gerri: the fda not doing their job, but it is limited by law. supposed to be states regulate in the industry, they really dropped the ball. i know you probably heard this information but i want to share it with our viewers, a report, here's what it had to say. state boards of pharmacy is generally do not know what pharmacies an conduct in trade,
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don't know what pharmacies manufacture large compounded drugs. on average ,@ 22 state board of pharmacy don't have any historical inspection records for compound pharmacies. it is clear the responsibility fell to the states, the states did nothing, people can complain to the federal government again, nothing happened. i see a lot of finger-pointing. if the republicans blaming the federal government, democrats blaming the state, but what is getting done on this issue? >> there are two things that need to get done, fda needs to clean up their act. this is not just some test took place under margaret hamburg watch. but the last 10 years this has been a problem. we want to be sure they're giving us evidence they are cleaning up their act. we have to review what is taking place at the states. my hope is the states step up and do what they have to in
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regard to pharmacies across this nation. they have guidelines, something else margaret hamburg said they don't have, they do. our role will be to hold their feet to the fire in this. we will look to see if there are federal regulations needed. gerri: hamburg today said we need more laws. do we really need more rules or just regulators to do their job, what they are required to do to make sure drugs across the country are safe. 53 people died, hundreds injured by this. >> from the very painful illness. those states have to step up and do their job and they haven't been. every time margaret hamburg for the don't have authority, we have another example where she went in and inspected. if there is a federal role for pharmacies that violate and send out these drugs without a prescription or if they sell
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them across state lines, we will review that. but we need to know the fda is doing their job. they compound the issue, they need more laws. gerri: we're all eager for this problem to be solved. finger-pointing seems to be on the way. come back to the show, we will talk about it. thank you. we have been talking about the boston bombings and we will have more on that coming up in the show. an update on what we know this hour. homeland security says there is no evidence the bombings are part of a wider plot. according to law enforcement officials explosions were in six pressure cookers and plays in black duffel bags. they contained shards of metal, nails, ball bearings. we don't know what was used to set off the explosives. we're learning more about those who perished in the blast including 29-year-old crystal campbell of massachusetts. the restauran restaurant manageo
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the race to watch her best friend's boyfriend. boston university says another fatality was a graduate student. the father of eight-year-old mark richard thanking everybody for their support following his son's death. his wife and sexual daughter suffered serious injuries and asked for continued prayers. more than 170 people hurt by the blast, two children among the dozen or so still in critical condition. the injuries ranged from shrapnel wounds to broken bones and severed limbs. we will get an eyewitness account from a marathon winner blocks away. a warning from consumers. a massive recall of contaminated meat. 13 states affected nearly half a million pounds of cooked meat, poultry and products over possible listeria contamination. joining me now. thank you for coming on tonight.
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there's a story getting zero attention. except for this show, can't think of anybody reporting on this. it seems to be widespread as you and i talked, we will show the brand names and the stores carrying this so people can make sure that the or meat is safe. what is this listeria contamination? >> it is unclear how it happened. we are looking into the situation to figure out what exactly did happen. listeria is a foodborne pathogen causing serious illness especially in children, the elderly and pregnant women. luckily there have been no illnesses linked to this recall at this moment that we know of, so that is a little bit of good news. gerri: let's talk about some of the brands. people can see if the stuff in their refrigerator will be a problem for them. turkey, turkey breast, cajun turkey breast.
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i hope we will show this as we continue with this segment so people can understand whether this is something you follow all the time. how common is this kind of problem with listeria? >> listeria is a common occurrence in food, we see it in deli meat a lot, as we are seeing today, a large recall associated with it so it is something that happens, in order to address it, they have to have very clear plans. avoid this type of occurrence. gerri: they can even be a problem refrigerating this stuff. tell us about that. >> that is the difference between listeria and other pathogens like e. coli. you have listeria in deli meat
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in the refrigerator it tends to grow. in this situation consumers need to check their refrigerator, their freezer and if they have the product, throw it away or take it back to the store where they got it because you don't want to run the risk of potentially getting sick from this. gerri: some are giving up refunds. the company at the center of this, manda, has a timeline out. it starts back april 5 why is this taking so long? >> finding initial positive sample for listeria track it back to the actual production they found a positive sample at retail, they had an initial recall of roast beef and more tests were taken, finding out that their potential issue more
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than just the roast beef. gerri: what would you tell people who want to be safe with what they are buying? they sure what they're putting on the dinner table is going to be okay, going to be safe? >> consumers should throw the product we were should take it back to the store and get a refund, but in general consumers should practice safe handling steps, cook their food thoroughly, wash their hands, wash the cutting boards and don't cross contaminate raw food anyplace where you will cook food. there are steps they can take in the kitchen to make sure they are handling food safely. gerri: thank you. i know you have a lot of experience in this part of the world, thank you for your help. >> thank you for getting the word out. gerri: everybody needs to know, thank you. more to come this hour including which tv streaming services are best for you.
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and we asked the question, how do you do that? we have tips on how not to get ripped off when you do basic home repairs.
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gerri: we're introducing a new segment tonight, calling it "how do you do that?" send a suggestion for the segment, but tonight how to get the best deal on home improvement. from lanes of homeowners spring is time to tackle the home improvement projects. i am doing it, you probably are as well. this year will be tricky because material costs are going through the roof. asphalt and roofing prices are up 9% year-over-year. lumber, plywood, plaster, 18%.
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now when it comes to getting the best deal, how do you do that? i see the rising prices, how do i contain the price if the material costs are going up? >> it is a problem. when things just start moving a little bit, the prices go up, it is all about smart shopping. still a lot of bargains, but that is one way a homeowner can get involved little bit more without getting their hands dirty. gerri: when i am signing with somebody might have a clause saying if the prices go up, we have to charge more. what should i ask for? should i try to lock in prices, or not?
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>> i think you can and you should be able to lock in those prices, certain a contractor want to protect themselves as much as possible but still, if you know your going forward with a job fairly soon, it is fair because they have good relationships with their suppliers when they can lock in for 30 or 45 days for such materials so not a hard thing to do and not a bad request to have been a contract. gerri: how else i keep the cost down? many may be cheap but it is hard to borrow, so we're working on a budget here. >> you have to be realistic and creating the right scope of work and getting competitive bids from contractors that routinely do the type of work that you are looking to have done. you don't want a new contractor, and vice versa. right at the very start of the concept of a project getting the right person to do the right job and taking the time to get the apples for apples bids.
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gerri: you say confirm that all insurance is current. one of the problems you say right now with a lot of these contractors have had a very difficult time because of the economy, they are desperate, some are bidding on projects they shouldn't take. how do i know i am working with somebody who is appropriate for me? >> if you're paying for that insurance, you're proud to show that certificate and if someone is resistant to show you the proof of insurance, they don't have insurance and it is important with the nature of a lot of the situation now with workman's comp, it is very important, don't let anybody work in her house without the proper insurance. very fair question to ask the contractor to show proof of that insurance. gerri: i want a contract, but tell me one or two things that absolutely must make sure our in those contracts that i know about. >> who is handling everything.
6:20 pm
the trash and the debris and removal and the permits, some of those things you might not think about are very important and can be very important. not only are you looking at what is included in the contract and what is included in the price, but also what's not included, that's extremely important. gerri: great to see you, you have to come back soon and talk to us about fixing up the house because a lot of people are now finally able to do it. thanks so much. >> thank you. gerri: if you thought your home was expensive, waiting to find out how much owning a new car will cost you. the cost of owning a car is up 2% from 2012. breaking down to more than a penny for every 15,000 miles to nearly $0.61 per mile for the $9000 per year. covering everything from maintenance, gas, insurance and depreciation. maintenance cost has the biggest jump, 11% to $0.05 per mile on
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average. insurance costs skyrocketing up nearly 3%, or $28. more than $1000 per year. only if you have a good driving record. gas prices are on the decline, an increase in fuel efficiency is helping to keep fuel cost from rising year after year. $3.52. a year ago it was $3.91. depreciation cost picked up just slightly, but it cost you more, these days. the price tag is going to soar. the most expensive car brands number five, pretty sleek. number four, bmw for the $143,000. two of the top 20 cars are bmw of course. jaguar. almost $156,000.
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one of two in the top 20. porsche sells more than $176,000. i have to look at the picture. that is more than the average price of a house in the u.s. the number one most expensive car brand is mercedes-benz. retailing for $216,000. not only half the cars in the top 20 from mercedes, this brand can boast the top five most expensive cars. the least expensive, kia. an eyewitness account of the tear in boston. and next, should you do google or apple tv? streaming service is becoming more popular, we will tell you what is best for you. stay with us. oh this is lame,
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gerri: streaming your favorite online entertainment to your tv has never been easier. tips to choosing the best gadget and how to set it up. 60 seconds.
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gerri: there are more ways than ever to get your favorite web content on to your big-screen tv. and prices they are going down. here to compare the best streaming devices on the market today, jim wilcox, senior electronics editor for "consumer reports." thanks for coming on the show. i really appreciate it because this is a topic i think our viewers are really interested in. tell us first, the 101, what do these streaming devices do? >> the idea you hear a lot about smart tvs and internet tvs and what these devices allow to you have a smart tv without having a smart tv.
6:27 pm
it brings internet content to tv not necessarily internet enabled. >> you tell us we may have the capability and not know it. how so? >> a lot of devices in home have streaming capabilities for example, tivo. almost all the game systems can do streaming. blu-ray players. if you have internet connected blu-ray player a lot of those do streaming. gerri: so you may be a step ahead and may not even know it. what kind of capability to make that happen? >> they need to be hdmi input. you need a tv that has hdmi input in it. these devices though, some will have come boss video outputs. if you have older tv with analog connections you can still connect some of thee devices so you need to check. >> that's helpful. let's walk through, apple tv, very popular. a lot of people are talking about it. >> apple and roku are the
6:28 pm
two most popular. if you like apple, live in apple's world, apple centric it has great interface. it is about 100. good for the people with a decent number of services. gerri: itune, hulu, netflix, what about roku 3. people are talking about this. >> we always like roku, probably the most content you can get. all kinds of things, amazon, netflix, hulu. it has faster process every. and interface a lot easier to use. it comes with a remote control with cool feature. it has head phone jack built into it and has headphones if someone next to you is reading a book. gerri: i like that. there is roku stick. tell us about that. >> this is more of a niche product. it looks like a flash drive that plugs into the back of certain kind of hdmi input called mhl. so you need an mhl enabled tv. gerri: i feel v. smart.
6:29 pm
>> it gives you a lot of what row cue does but very small form factor. gerri: that is real cool. boxy cloud dvr? never heard of it. >> they renamed the device. two cool things about this. it allows you to get free over the air content. and some cable content. it comes with a antenna for cord cutters that is good he device the other thing it has cloud storage. it is like a virtual dvr that lives in the clouds. one is free if you want limited. for unlimited that is $10 a month for that dvr service. gerri: that is great stuff. where do you see this going pext? the whole arena keeps changing. >> what we see more products having streaming capabilities, smart tvs are emulating same kind of services getting on the set-top boxes. we just expect to see more content and he see more devices that can bring you that kind of internet content to augment what you're getting. gerri: lower bills possibly for consumers.
6:30 pm
jim, thanks for coming on. that is helpful for people out there, thinking about maybe cutting the cord. >> my pleasure. gerri: we want to bring you a brand new spanking segment called top trending. hot stories from in addition to american airlines story we talked about at top of the show the other big story is this. reasons why you shouldn't dip into the emergency fund to pay off your mortgage. janet yellen is odds-on-favorite to replace fed chief ben bernanke. expect no policy changes there. good news, gas prices continue to fall. love that. those are hot topics trending right now on we'll do that every night. coming up our coverage of the boston bombing including how wall street and you the investor is react acting tonight. next, he was a block away from the devastation. minutes separated my next guest from the marathon finish line. one. runners gives us his account after the break. ♪ .
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menino is vowing the city will overcome the senseless tragedy that being ared the world. boston university announced the third person killed in the blast was a graduate student but is not releasing the student's name. more than 10 people were wounded. gabriel gomez crossed the finish line minutes before the explosions happened and he is here to share his story. tell us the story, gabriel. what did you hear and what did you see? you are a former navy seal. you probably put that all into context a lot faster than anybody else there? >> sure. you know, my wife and four kids, young kids, 13 down to eight were a couple blocks away from the finish line. i obviously knew where they were and greeted them and gave them hugs and kisses. thanked them for being there. they were there with a bunch friends in town with young kids. i crossed the finish line. minutes later i heard the explosion. i was a block and a half away. i saw the smoke. i heard that kind of
6:35 pm
explosion before in my time and i knew it was obviously not a good thing. so my first reaction obviously i you just saw my wife and kids and i tried to get ahold of them. there was no cell coverage for 30 minutes. it took half an hour to get ahold of them. your emotions boil over. they went from, sorrow to grieve, quite honestly to anger. start thinking about, just making you sick, what kind of person would, what kind of evil person would do souch a -- such a cowardly thing to put bombs next to kids and elderly people. i'm a military vet and i've seen some terrible stuff but this is really evil. gerri: your family was okay, i understand it. they were not injured. did you move once you found out what was going to help people in the streets? >> i was in a cordoned off area. what i saw was the amazing
6:36 pm
response from the first-responders. police officers got on the phone right away to direct emergency help there. i saw the ambulances screaming over there fast. it was an amazing response that was literally instantaneous from when i heard the explosions. and when i saw the smoke coming from, you know where i thought obviously was close to the finish line where i saw my wife and kids. i have an 8-year-old son. our hearts and prayers go out to the friend and family of the three people killed including that 8-year-old boy. and also to the 180 or so that are seriously injured in the hospital. gerri: wow!. yeah. i have to say, that this was astonishing to me. when you heard that sound, what did it sounds like to you? people have described it variously. a lot of people misinterpreted it. did it sounds like a bomb? what it did sound like to you? as you know there was shrapnel that also exploded. tell us what you, what sense you made of the sound you
6:37 pm
were hearing? >> once i heard that, you know, the first explosion, it was a very familiar sound that i heard in the past when i was in the service. and i knew exactly what had happened. i was very certain or what had happened. obviously where i saw the smoke coming from, you know, in the direction of where the finish line was, i mean obviously the first thing i thought of was my wife and kids were there. just trying to get ahold of them first. and i know i hear a lot of, i appreciate the words that the leaders are using right now. i mean i think they're correct in it is of we need to hold these people accountable. i can tell you the s.e.a.l. teams we would have a completely different terminology what needs to happen to these cowards that performed such an evil act, planting bombs next to kids and innocent people. gerri: i can imagine it wouldn't be very patient. i can't blame you in the least. in some cases anger is the right response. tell me what is going on in boston today? what is the atmosphere? what are people talking
6:38 pm
about? is it somber there? >> you know, we, i was around the area there and and obviously it's a somber environment but you see people continuing to work, continuing to work hard, securing the area. and you get a sense that be look, this was supposed to be the best day in boston of the year. the boston marathon is the mark key event in boston. while this was a completely cowardly and evil act you saw the best of boston. you saw the first-responders yesterday. you saw the police officers directing emergency vehicles and emergency personnel. they will find out they messed with the wrong city. i think boston is obviously stronger than it was yesterday today, the marathon will be there next year, 11th marathon. you will see more people watching it and more runners running it. gerri: i think you will telephone see more runners. that is one of the reactions i had, i wanted to run my first marathon after seeing that. you just want to help. gabriel, thanks for coming
6:39 pm
on. absolute pleasure talking to you. appreciate your time. i'm glad your family is safe. thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. gerri: and coming up, i will give you my two cents more on businesses doing the right thing for boston. and when we come back, the terror in boston sending stocks to the worst day of the year but today it is a sea of green. how should you invest during a tragedy? our financial panel weighs in next.
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gerri: well the tram i can loss of -- tragic loss of life in boston we were talking about pushing the veer gauge on wall street sky-high. the vix posted its biggest
6:43 pm
day gain since 20 very much en. -- 2011. for more on the psychological impact of already spooked investors, the founder and ceo of fearless wealth, gary kaltbaum, president of kaltbaum capital management and personal finance expert jordan good man. good to have you all here. jordan i will start with you. might they be nervous and pull back on investing and spending? >> i think so. investors are spooked by this. latest number we had 72 reading lowest since july of last year, had been down from 78. gerri: consumer sentiment. >> even before this happened consumer sentiment fallen pretty sharply. only food thing commodity prices are coming down. oil prices might help at pump and food a little bit. that might give a little bit of confidence. gerri: i tell you i'm not seeing confidence out of investors or consumers. they seem upset about what is going on.
6:44 pm
gary, to you, you disagree. you don't think this will have much of an impact. how so? >> look you have an event and you have a tragic event and gets over and done and americans get back to work, they get back to spending, get back to investing. unless the real bad thing happens, another tragic event, another terrorist attack, i think it passes. i agree with jord dan on one very important thing, the consumer hasn't been in that great a shape over the past several months. i worry about the tax hike on the not only well to do but tax hike on every dollar on obamacare and other things. if anything that will affect things. i doubt this will. gerri: rc. this is already one event too many for me. what do you say? >> bingo. >> consumers are driven most what is happening to their biggest asset. for most people the biggest asset is their house. is it appreciating or depreciating? is it above water or below
6:45 pm
water? that will be big part of what drives consumer sentiment? how safe is their jobs? are they getting raising or people being laid off. that will drive consumer sentiment. gerri: certainly important issues. jordan back to you, when you look at the past what is response from consumers? >> certainly after 9/11 there was dramatic decrease in consumer activity. people cut back on spending. gerri: recession. >> that happened at that time. this isn't that. it is a one-shot event at least at moment. if there are other events that would affect things much more. this is not as big as 9/11 but people definitely pull back when these things happen. gerri: gary to you. we've watching a pullback in commodities, unbelievable move in gold prices. how does this tell you? how does this fit in what you tell about? >> i think global growth stinks. i think some economist ratchet up growth of economies because that is only because markets have been up. i think the economy here is no great shakes.
6:46 pm
i think the market is moving on a sea of ben bernanke and $4 billion a day being printed. i think there will be repercussions down the road but right now the market is loving it and amazingly if you think about this the dow dow is up 7075 points since the tragic events that occurred yesterday. gerri: rc, why is it gold prices can plummet like a stone and i go to the jewelry stone and nothing is cheaper? why is that? >> you have bad luck. you're going to the wrong jewelry store. gerri: you know those prices are not going down. come on, you know they're not going down. >> hold on. this is actually a good point. there is two gold markets. there paper goldmark get and physical gold market. even though the paper gold market is falling off a cliff and it is and wed have more to go, the physical gold market has a different response. the demand for physical gold is going up. gerri: you can't tell by this chart, my friend. >> not going down what
6:47 pm
consumers are getting is right. the all this money printing and so on, just the psychology has changed dramatically. that allows short selling and circuit breakers going off, margin calls and auld kinds of technical reasons why it fell so sharply. gerri: gary, just to get back to the bigger picture with consumers here for a second because we have people start to pump money into etfs and mutual fund that invest in stocks which to me would be seem to be the right direction. do you think they have overdone it? should people be more conservative or should they be jumping in the stock market now? >> you've got to remember, people are let on this leeshg called the market. as the market goes higher and you hear about new highs and new highs and up 10% people will get off their chairs and start investing more and and starts to feed on itself. right now the market still acts fine. what i've been saying for months now, stay out of the commoditiel the commodities aren bear market. believe it or not food, drugs and beverages are
6:48 pm
sizzling as well as lot of value areas that is what is helping indices. as long as that continues i think you stay the course. gerri: stay out of the commodities market. probably telling me to stay out of the jewelry store. rc, to you, last word here. if you give people one word of advice tonight, what would it be? >> you know, the biggest word of ad i could say there is no such thing assetting their money aside. if most people have money in cash, most people listening to this have u.s. dollars, that is down in purchasing power down 17% since the march 2009 lows the ideas of having money on the sidelines it is a myth. money is never on the sidelines. it is always invested somewhere. gerri: that's a good point. appreciate you guys coming in. great stuff. r. consider, gary, jordan, appreciate your time. >> thanks. gerri: we want to know what you think, here is our question tonight, do current events change the way you invest in i will share the results at the end of tonight's show. >> still to come, a change in down payments could spark
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(screams) i'm really glad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for. one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours. gerri: the housing market continues to gather strength and we have great news if you happen to be in. details in two minutes
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gerri: hey, we've got great news for homebuyers and yet another positive sign for the housing market. more lenders offer down payments below 20%. 10%, 5%.
6:53 pm
joining me alex pollack, resident fellow of the american enterprise institute. alex, thanks for coming on the show. i see this ultimately as a positive for the housing market. so many people eager to get in to buy the first-time home or people that want to trade off and now they mayfield offers for their own home. what do you say? >> there is no doubt about the fact we're seeing a cyclical turn. as jim grant wrote, science is progressive and finance is cyclical. real estate finance is very cyclical. and we're now on the upswing and, in that up swing, you get optimism like your last guests were talking about. and along with that the lending markets start to get a little easier although they're very tight overall. gerri: i keep keep hearing from from people. i hear a lot of complaints how lenders won't lend. let me get evidence what we're talking about here. zillow is reporting non-fha
6:54 pm
mortgage loans, this is bank loans, not government loans, loans with down payments of 5% to 10% are double what they were two years ago. they're growing. so i think a lot of people would see that as good news, cyclical or not. we haven't seen good news in this market let's face it for seven to eight years. the down payment that would be needed at this point, this makes such a big difference to people. take a look at this. on a $500,000 mortgage, what you would have to put down previously, $100,000. today, with 5% down, $25,000. suddenly, a whole new category of people out there are going to be able to buy that home, get their kids in a house, get in a neighborhood that is open and welcoming and stable. i've got to say i see nothing but good news in this. i know a lot of people out there will say, hey, gerri, this is the road back to 2007, 2008. but, really, at the end of the day it is up to the consumer to really decide, yes, i can afford this or no,
6:55 pm
i can not, right? >> you're right about that. the most important risk decision in a loan is the borrower deciding, can i do this, can i afford it and what am i willing if i'm pushing the limits what am i willing to sacrifice to be able to do that, absolutely. comes to lower down payments, that is one element of a number of elements, and when house prices are relatively low, the way they are now, they bounced up but they bounced up off of very low bottom. the lower down payment is less risky. when house prices, get very high, and then you're doing lowdown payments, because that --. gerri: totally different kettle of fish. >> it is a much riskier price, then it is much riskier. gerri: all right. >> we want to have, we want to be aware of the level of prices and relate that to how much down payment, how much as we say loan-to-value
6:56 pm
or how much you're willing to lend against the price of a house. gerri: all right. alex, thanks for coming on tonight. i think it's a great topic an i'm really excited to see some improvement in this market. thank you so much for coming on. >> nice to be with you. gerri: time for this business day in history. back on this day in 1964 the rolling stones released their self-titled debut album. upon the release the rolling stones became the biggest seller in the u.k. holding number one spot for 12 weeks. they released 24 studio albums, 11 live albums and sold more than 200 million albums worldwide. the rolling stones released their very first album, april 16th, 49 years ago. 49. goodness. we'll be right back. ♪ .
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yes it is. welcome to tyco integrated security. with world-class monitoring centers and thousands of qualified technicians. we'vgot a personal passion to help your business run safer, smarter, and sharper. we are tyco integrated security. and we are sharper.
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♪ gerri: finally, business is doing the right thing. major u.s. airlines are waiting %-from boston.are fliers to and
7:00 pm
the irs says boston taxpayers will be granted extensions on their tax returns. every little bit helps. that is my "2 cents more." a great night and we will see rebecca tomorrow evening. ♪ lou: lou: good evening and thank you for being with us. details tonight emerging about yesterday's horrific terrorist attack and the boston marathon. the two explosions on boils some street wounded 176 by standards. three people killed. martin richard lost his life in the explosion that also left his brother and sister critically wounded. waiting by the finish line to hug his father and to congratulate him for finishing a marathon. 29-year-old crystal campbell also killed in the attack after adding to the finish line to

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